This is our homebase for writing, art, and an outlet for expression of all kinds. We hope it will develop organically and gradually with time. Our wish is simply to cultivate a confident and creative community around us. Please be patient with us as this grows.


Jacob's booklet Verbing is available on Etsy and Amazon !!

Synopsis: VERBING is my first foray into official compilation of my writing. It's split into 3 parts, subtitled: "Ignorance", "Frustration", and "Revelations". The format is essentially 3 short essays on the subject of my growth spiritually, intellectually, and in the public eye. It is the first building block to my personal philosophy in written form. This first booklet is to get my feet wet with the process of writing and self-publishing, and to establish the subject(s) I would like to write on in the future.

 Enjoy, and happy reading!

Our Intention

We share the same intention for this space:

spreading an attitude of joy for life...

My intention is to share through art, writing and video, the beauty I find in everything around me. I crave to share the story of how art saved my life. "You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved." It is my hope that, by leaving pieces of my heart here, I can connect with and inspire people who understand what it is like to know pain and loss while still being madly in love with life and everything it has to offer. 

— Izzy Rock

My intention is to share, through writing especially, an attitude to life I have found and enjoy most discernibly due to the message and writing of Alan Watts. It is also to encourage, in any way I can, the confidence in people around me to share their artistic or creative views of life. "The whole problem of consumption [can be altered] .. if what is exciting to society is no longer things but states of mind." This quote from Timothy Leary suggests the type of community, near and far, that I want to encourage.

— Jacob Roloff